- Warning -
This tool does not guarantee your product production.
I (poser-ism Toshiyo) recommend the backup of a resource file.
Also, I (poser-ism Toshiyo) do not take responsibility at all, even if you suffer damage.

<Delete Actors> This tool does the elimination of an item from document.

(1): Get (button)
.You acquire the inside name of current Actor or current Figure.
An item can also be selected with the selection dialog of "Right Click".

(2): clear (button)
It dose "(3) text control" clear.

(3): (text control)
The inside name of the item that was selected with "(1) Get" is displayed.
Even the direct input is possible.
"*".. delete all the Prop when you input it.
"**".. delete all the Prop(included@Prop hair) when you input it.
"***".. delete all the Figure when you input it.
"****".. delete all the Figure and Prop when you input it.
These commands do not operate at "delete other figure mode".

(4): (spinner control)
The character quantity of text control is changed.
It is not changed in the case of "0". (full item name)
It returns in 0 with "Right Click".

(5): delete other figure mode (check box)
It is the mode that delete Figure other than current Figure name.

(6): del source/del conform (check box)
del source
You delete even current Figure or current Actor when you check it.
del conform
In the case that "delete other figure mode" is checked "del source" changes into "del conform".
When they check it the clothes etc. that did conform to current Figure are delete.

(7): Delete (button) (As for an old version the label is "Go". )
Delete item.

For example "box_1" is selected.
When it does spinner control in "3", "box_1" of text control becomes "box".
"del source" is checked.

* The tool inside the screen is an old version. There is not a difference in a function.

Pushed "Go" button.
The item that has the name called "box" was deleted.
(Even current Prop (box_1) was deleted, because "del source" is checked.)

The next selects James (Internal name "Figure 1") and spinner control is "3".
Remove the check of "del source".

Pushed "Go" button.
Figure of the others other than James (Figure 1) was deleted.

The next, select James (Figure 1), and check "delete other figure mode".
"del source" changed to "del Conform".

Pushed "Go" button.
Because "del Conform" is not checked, the clothes of James (Figure 1) were not deleted.

Checking "del Conform", and push "Go" button.
The clothes of James were deleted.