- Warning -
This tool does not guarantee your product production.
I (poser-ism Toshiyo) recommend the backup of a resource file.
Also, I (poser-ism Toshiyo) do not take responsibility at all, even if you suffer damage.

<Hair magnet tool> This tool is does such a magnet-set that fits hair a load and generate.

(1): Select Hair Type (choice list)
The magnet-set (PP2 file) for the hair fit is selected.

(2): RL (button)
The @ (list) is refreshed.

(3): (text control)
In the case that you create the magnet-set you input a magnet-set name.

(4): CM (button)
Magnet-set (PP2 file) is generated when you push this button, after magnet is applied to hair.
Magnet-set is added to @ (list).

(In the case that you make a magnet-set with this tool...)
You input "***" (For example, "Jessie" etc.) in to a text box.

(In the case that magnet-set (PP2 file) is inserted into a folder directly...)
Name rule is "hairFit_***.pp2" (For example, "hairFit_Jessi. pp2" etc.)

* Please insert it into a "(Contents of Poser):Runtime:Libraries:temp_pismTools:hairFit:" folder. In the case that there is not this folder this tool makes it.

(5): create MT (check box)
Magnet-set is eliminated after that Morph Target, is made when magnet-set is loaded when it checks it.
In the case that it is not checked it is not made a morph target. Also, even the magnet set is not eliminated.

(6): deleteMag (button)
You eliminate magnet-set that was applied to hair.

(7): Apply (button)
Loading a magnet set the hair is fit.

Procedure that makes magnet-set...
1: Adding several magnets to the hair, to match the hair to a figure it adjusts it.
2: Input a magnet-set name to B.
3: Push C button.
4: Magnet-set (PP2 file) is preserved. Magnet-set that was preserved is taken to the choice list of @.
(Because the hair data is not preserved, the magnet-set is able to apply to other hair.)

You created the magnet-set is able to apply to other hair with F (Apply) button.
Example : Hair of jessi is fit to kate2.