- Warning -
This tool does not guarantee your product production.
I (poser-ism Toshiyo) recommend the backup of a resource file.
Also, I (poser-ism Toshiyo) do not take responsibility at all, even if you suffer damage.

<Limit Copy Paste> This tool copies "Limit" (the restriction of the mobile area) parameter of Figure to different Figure.

(1): Copy (button)
Acquiring "Limit" parameter from Figure and save it in a file.
Press the after you choose Figure that wants to acquire a parameter button.

(2): Paste (button)
Paste parameter to other Figure.
After choose Figure that wants to paste parameter you push a button.
(Time may be required to complete.)

(3): info (check box)
The progress that paste parameter is displayed.
Also, it does the report of the body parts (name) that differs.
Please adjust those manually.

(4): **** (text)
The status of a script is displayed.
(Time may be required to complete.)

First of all, Menu>Figure>Use Limits turn ON.
For example, copying the Limit parameter of James to "Creech" of DevilDogStudios.

The Limit parameter of James was pasted to Creech.
However, the parts (name) of Creech that are not same with the parts (name) of James, the adjustment is necessary manually.