All Miura Guitars are totally handmade.
An individual instrument is carefully construted and finished,
not only by the traditional method of Spanish guitarmaking,
but using the recent advanced techniqes and
the use of the finest materials available.

Specification and Characteristic
Top: European Spruce or Ceder

Each type of wood has been carefully seasoned for the appropriate long perid.
Different materials for the top are chosen for the best quality of sound.

Back and Sides: Indian rosewood or cocobolo wood

In general, it is said that Indian rosewood makes sweet melllow sound, Whereas cocobolo makes clear and powerful sound.
With a Miura guitar, either wood will produce excellent and melodious sound.

Neck: Honduras Ceder(recommended) or Mahogany

The neck is an important part of a guitar, since the neck defines how comfortable it is for a guitarist to play the instrument as well as the neck affects the quality of sound.
Custom guitar should have the size of the neck which is adequate and comfortable to the player's hand.

Finger Board: Ebony

Scale Lenght: 650mm as standard

There is no particular limitation, but many guitars have been made in the range of 630~660mm.

Machine head: Irving Sloane Classical Guitar Machinehead.

Polishing: Surface finished by French Polishing

Different techniques are used in various countries such as England,France, Italy and Spain.
Miura guitars are finished using the traditional polishing technique employed in Spain, using small cotton wool wrapped by cotton cloth and several kinds of shellac, alcohol and perfume oil.



SJ-1 : JPY \1050000 ( spruce or cedar / rosewood or cocobolo wood )
SR-1 : JPY \840000 ( spruce or cedar / rosewood )

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