The unofficial web site provides the informations of Irish folk singer Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon official website -
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Lots of information and every other thing you ever wanted to know.
Cara checks the message board every day.

Rough Trade Records -
<news> <tour info> <audio> <merchandise>
Record label for Cara's album.

Pink-Panthers-Page NEW!
<photos> <message board>
Great site launched by Claus, my best friend in Germany.
He gave me lots of photos for On Tour section.

Oige official website
<history> <videos> <tour info> <discography> <picture> <reviews>
Official website for Oige.
You can see 5 precious videos of their live performance,
include "P. stands for Paddy" Cara singing.

equationfm -
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Official website for Equation.
They have lots of audio samples!

John Reynolds -
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John Reynolds is a producer, writer, musician
and a founding member of Ghostland.
John has worked with many premier artists.

Voices of Wonder -
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My friend's website provides the informations of Eddi Reader,
Fairground Attraction and Sheryl Crow.