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the Community Centre, Ingleton / Saturday 6th October

Part of 'Ingleton Folk Weekend', hosted by Mike Harding

01. The Maid of Culmore
02. High Tide
03. Black is the Colour
04. Dark Innishowen
05. Falling Like a Star
06. Where are you ?
07. False, False
08. She's like the Swallow

- intermission -

09. Lark in the Clear Air
10. There were Roses *
11. Donald of Glencoe
12. Blue Mountain River
13. I wish I was
14. The Winding River Roe
15. Spencer the Rover **

encore: Standing on the Shore ***
* Tommy Sands' song
** Traditional song - John Martyn' version (1974)
*** Traditional song - Anne Briggs' version (1971)

A night of superb musicianship
8:00pm, as Cara, Sam and Seth entered the hall,
the audience greeted them with a round of hearty hand-clapping.

Sam Lakeman started to play the familiar piano introduction.
- 'The Maid of Culmore' - harmonized perfectly.
Sam and Seth Lakeman are the players of consummate skill.
They play their instruments brilliantly and expressively,
and also accompany her delicate voice very harmoniously.

- Falling Like a Star - their self-penned new song.
Her singing of this lovely melody is superb,
and the solo piano accompaniment is very beautiful.

- Blue Mountain River - re-arranged for the stage.
‘la la la la, la la la la‘ by Cara, a delightfully easy singalong part is added.

- The Winding River Roe - traditional song about Dungiven.
Dungiven, where Cara was raised, is steeped in history and tales.
This song is also based on these, and has a lovely melody.
By the way, when she won the All Ireland Traditional Singing Trophy at 14,
she sang the song called "The Banks of the Roe".

- Spencer the Rover - traditional song arranged by John Martyn.
Seth started punching out a delightfull rhythm on his guitar,
Cara then thanked everyone and announced their final piece.

They performed with a real passion, flair for music and a genuine respect
for the traditional heritage, and the results were absolutely stunning.