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Cara Dillon / Cara Dillon

released : 16/July/2001

Cara Dillon 01. Black is the colour
02. Donald of Glencoe
03. Craigie Hill
04. Green grows the laurel
05. Lark in the clear air
06. Lonesome scenes of Winter
07. Blue mountain river
08. I wish I was
09. Maid of Culmore
10. She's like the swallow
11. I am a youth that's inclined to ramble
Label : Rough Trade
Number : RTRADECD019
Recorded and produced
by Sam Lakeman
Notes ;
For Cara Dillon's fans, this debut album had been truly long-awaited. Since Cara Dillon and Sam Lakeman left Equation to pursue their own music, they have been gradually writing and recording their debut album. Over the past 5 years from 1996, although they have faced the many difficulties, one of the best albums of 2001 was completed.

Almost all of the songs are traditional but there is lightness of touch that is owing to the good arrangement by themselves, especially Sam Lakeman's piano accompaniment goes well with her beautiful voice. So this album is very accesible also for the people who would not normally listen to traditional folk music. No matter how often you listen to this album, it always charms you.
Musicians ;
Sam Lakeman
piano, harmonium, organ
Mary Dillon
backing vocals
Justin Adams (Ghostland)
electric guitar
John Reynolds (Ghostland)
Seth Lakeman
violin, viola, mandolin,
backing vocals
Sean Lakeman (Equation)
acoustic guitar
Roy Dodds (Fairground attraction)
drums and percussion
Luke Daniels (ex-Equation, De Dannan)
button accordion
Ben Nicholls
electric and uplight Bass
Dan Gobbard
acoustic guitar