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Live / Óige

released : 1994

Oige / Live 01. Dunga (Jigs)
02. The flower of Magherallyo
03. The clumsy lover (Reels)
04. P. stands for Paddy
05. Liz Carroll's (Reels)
06. Girls put the fags out
07. Green grasses grow Bonnie
08. Slow boat to China (Reels)
09. The Weaver
10. The mountain road (Reels)
11. Bushes and briars
Label : Lochshore
Number : CDLDL1225
Recorded at :
Glasgow 15/Aug/1993
Perthshire 14/Aug/1993
Notes ;
Óige (pronounced oy-ga) is the young irish band Cara had formed with three friends when most of them were still in their early teens. She was 15 at that time, the youngest member just 13. In spite of the constraints of touring only during their school holidays, Oige's reputatuon grew fast.
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This album represents a fragment of their concert repertorie, most of the songs are trad. Their skill and dexterity of instruments playing is wonderful, especially considering that they play 'Reel' (the more difficult tune in Irish music).
Of course, Cara sings with a voice of pure unearthly beauty on the track 02A04A07A09 and 11. I was particularly impressed with her singing without accompaniment (on "Green grasses grow Bonnie").
Musicians ;
Cara Dillon
vocals & fiddle
Murrough O'Kane
flute & whistles
Ruadhrai O'Kane
fiddle & bodhran
Paul McLaughlin