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Oige / Bang On

released : 1996

Oige / Bang On 01. Silver Spear (Reels)
02. The Banks Of The Bann
03. The Maid Of Culmore
04. Touch Me If You Dare (Reels)
05. My Bonnie Labouring Boy
06. Yhe Hot Rock Set (Reels)
07. Bonnie Bule Eyed Lassie
08. Fergal O' Gara's (Reels)
09. The flower of Magherally, O!
10. Roaring Mary (Reels)
11. Maids Of Mitchelstown
   (Reels showed down)
Label : Lochshore
Number : CDLDL1241
Produced by Oige
Recorded at :
Foyle Arts Centre, Derry
Tracks 08 and 11 :
The Warehouse, Belfast
Notes ;
Cara played fiddle in "Maids Of Mitchelstown".

Musicians ;
Maranna McCloskey
vocals & silver concert flute
Murrough O'Kane
flute, whistles & drain-pipe didgeridoo
Ruadhrai O'Kane
fiddle & bodhran
Paul McLaughlin
guitars, vocals & Keyboard