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Root & Branch 1 'A New World'

released : 2000

available at the English Folk Dance and Song Society Website

Root and Branch 1

Label : EFDSS
published by EFDSS
includes articles,
essays and photographs
01.Van Diemen's Land
02.Van Diemen's Land
03.Jim Jones at Botany Bay
04.The Wild Colonial Boy
05.Harkie's Polka
06.The Streets of Port Arthur
07.Tom Sherman's Barroom
08.St James' Hospital
09.The Butcher Boy
10.Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow
11.Little Margaret
12.Tom Dula
13.The Shores of Lough Bran
14.The Green Fields of Canada
15.Won't you come to me in Canada
16.I been a Swede from North Dakota
17.The Pear Tree Frank Hinchliffe
19.Wild and Wicked Youths
20.Who am I ?
Notes ;
'Root & Branch' is a music journal published by the EFDSS twice a year.
It aims to focus attention on the folk tradition and includes a full-length CD, articles and essays, facsimiles and photographs in a package. This first edition is built around songs that tell of the experiences and emotions of people when they are uprooted geographically, spiritually and musically.

"Van Diemen's Land" is also known as "Wild and Wicked Youths". This song has crossed many borders. There are three different virsions (Irish, Scottish and English) on this CD.
Cara's version was recorded in 1999. For this recording, she learnt the melody and words principally from a virsion by Tim Lyons. Her interpretation invites comparison with track 02 (Enock Kent's) and track 19 (Frank Hinchliffe's).