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Tubular Bells III / Mike Oldfield

released : 05/Oct/1998

Tubular Bells III 01. The Source Of Secrets
02. The Watchful Eye
03. Jewel In The Crown
04. Outcast
05. Serpent Dream
06. The Inner Child
07. Man in the Rain
08. The Top Of The Morning
09. Moonwatch
10. Secrets
11. Far Above The Clouds
Label : WEA
Number : 3984243492
Recorded and produced
by Mike Oldfield
Notes ;
This is the 19th album of Mike Oldfield released in 1998; the 25th anniversary of his debut and 'Tubular Bells'. Track 01 and 10 are the new version of 'Tubular Bells' with a techno-dance rythm, it's more mysterious and powerful.

"Man in the Rain", features Cara, is the only true vocal track in the album. Oldfield wrote it more than 10 years ago before the album was released. He has been trying to record it a lot of times with different musicians and singers but he was not satisfied with the results. This version is similar to his big hit "Moonlight Shadow" and calld remake of it, however, Cara breathed a new life into it with her singing.

Vocalists ;
Cara Dillon
on 07
Heather Burnett
additional vocals on 07
Rosa Cedron (Luna Na Lubre)
on 06
on 01, 03 & 10
Clodagh Symonds & Francesca Robertson
on 11