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Lonesome scenes of Winter

from the album 'Cara Dillon'.
traditional song,
arranged by Cara Dillon and Sam Lakeman.
This song has been sung in Nova Scotia, located in the southeast
of Canada. It may be the original source of it is in Ireland.
As the lonesome scenes of winter in stormy winds so blow,
Clouds around the centre inclined to frost and snow,
You're the boy that I have chosen to be my only dear,
Your scornful heart is frozen and drifted far I fear.

One night I went to see my love, but he proved most scornfully,
I asked him if he'd marry me, but he would not marry me,
The night it is far spent, my love, it's near the break of day,
And I'm waiting for your answer, my dear, what do you say?

I can but plainly tell you, I 'll lead a single life,
I never thought it fitting that you should be my wife,
So take a civil answer and for yourself provide,
I have another sweetheart and you I have laid aside.

Now my mind is changing that old love for the new,
This wide and lonsome valley I mean to ramble thru',
In search of someone handsome that might my fancy fill,
That world is wide and lonesome, if he don't another will.