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The Verdant Braes Of Skreen

From the album 'Hill Of Thieves'
Trad. arranged by Cara Dillon and Sam Lakeman
Label : Charcoal Records, Number : CHACD002
Recorded and produced by Sam Lakeman
As I roved out one evening fair
By the verdant braes of Skreen.
I set my back to a hawthorn tree
To view the sun in the west country,
And the dew on her forest green.

A lad I spied by Abhann's side
And a maiden on his knee
And he was as dark as the berry brown wood
And she all whey and wan to see,
All whey and wan was she.

"Oh, sit you down on the grass," he said.
"On the dewey grass so green
For the wee birds all have come and gone
Since I my true love have seen," he said
"Since I my true love have seen"

"Then I'll not sit on the grass," she said
"No be a love of thine
For I hear you love a Connacht girl
And your heart's no longer mine," she said
"And your heart's no longer mine."

"But I will climb a high, high tree
And I'll rob a wild bird's nest.
And back I'll bring what I find there
To the arms that I love best," she said.
"To the arms that I love best."