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Ordinary Day

Judge Jules and Katie Marne feat Cara Dillon.
From the album 'Proven Worldwide' (2006).
Written by Judge Jules, Katie Marne and Simon Lea.
Programmed / Engineered by Richard Boal.
Here I am, thinking of you again
Everyday it roles into one
And who'd have ever thought
That I could be so taken?
Shaken till I've come undone

But I made a promise to myself just yesterday
That what I'm feeling now, it's just a phase
But then you're there again, there's no escaping
So what I'm saying is...

Forever's gonna come tomorrow
Couldn't ever be the same
Yesterday's forgotten
It's faded away
It feels like I've been naked
And I'll never feel rain again
All I trying to say is...
This is no ordinary day

Once again, I see you when I'm sleeping
Walking round inside of my head
It's hard to comprehend
The company I'm keeping
When I don't feel I know you that well